The Psychology Of Doubling Down


When a player decides to double down it is with the view that the dealer seems likely to lose—either with a weak card or a bust. It is a good blackjack logic to raise the bet when the odds of winning get better.

Grabbing the potential of a good hand, this is the psychology of doubling down. It is estimated that blackjack can be won about half of the time. Let’s say we win it less than half. To take advantage of these wins, we make up for the loss by doubling bets during the rounds when it seems smooth sailing to a win. Such mindset takes full advantage of whatever winning potential seems possible in the games.

Getting two similar cards is good ground for considering a double down. They give one a chance on a decision to split the cards. With two hands, the next plan is to make an additional bet for the new hand. With some casinos, any hand is ground for doubling hand, and this is an added advantage for players with a mind for getting as much as possible from a positive hand. Many experts consider the psychology of doubling down a positive trait for players. And the consensus is that a double down mindset works best after deciding on splitting the cards. People thus minded often upset house advantages.

The psychology of doubling down works well with keen eyes on what the dealer has. Once a certain weakness in the dealer’s hand is noted, bets are raised immediately. Thus, a vital factor in this frame of mind is timing. Once the dealer’s face up card shows a leaning to busting (like 2 to 6 values), the double-down minded takes the cue and raises the bet immediately. This often demolishes the dealer’s strategies and leaves the dealer with nothing but to hit and cross the fingers against busting. But wrong timing means the house gets an edge.

Doubling down can be too risky when the dealer shows a nine or ten, but most double downs ultimately prevail with enough right moves. Of course, the dealer’s lower face up card will prove easier to bust than when the dealer shows a higher one. And don’t worry about losing double—just make sure to pick the compatible table limits.

A blackjack outlook that grabs every chance to raise bets at the slightest sign of weakness from the dealer is commendable. This tough psychology of doubling down is what casinos often dread.

Common Errors Psychology Students Make On Their Psychology Papers

Smiling woman taking notes while doing research
Smiling woman taking notes while doing research

Don’t stress out too much, we’ve all made mistakes in writing from time to time. Everyone has received back a paper covered in ‘blood,’ the term of endearment some professors and teaching assistants use for the universally beloved red ink used to make corrections. Everyone makes mistakes. Even professors and TAs. Students, writers, and professors all need a little reminder of what they should not do. So, in order to help you study psychology and write better papers in a good, proper style, here is a list of some things that you should definitely consider when writing your psychology research papers.

No thesis or proper introduction

Explanation: A very important piece in the of the puzzle of your research paper when you study psychology is the thesis and introductory statements. If you could wrap it all up in one or a few sentences, this would be it.
Remedy: A good idea is to have your thesis at the end of your study psychology introductory paragraph, and it should outline the basis of your research.

Repetition or redundancy in psychology research paper

Explanation: Pretty self explanatory. Don’t repeat the same idea over and over.
Remedy: Insure that each paragraph has its own focus, and stays on topic. Refer to your outline to check on the subject matter of each section or paragraph.

No evidence, or improper resources cited

Explanation: Resources are key. Your resources should be good, scholarly resources. As a general rule, webpages are not good resources, nor is Wikipedia.

Remedy: The best remedy for this is to go to the library, or consult your library’s online article compendium. Thousands upon thousands of legitimate scientific and scholarly articles are available online.

Misuse of punctuation

Explanation: Proper grammar is key to getting a good grade on any kind of college level essay or paper, and bad grammar can even reduce an A paper to a C.

Remedy: Find a book on grammar. Look through your essay purely for commas and punctuation, and evaluate each instance and compare it to the rules of grammar. You will remove most of your errors this way.
Plagiarism in psychology research paper

Explanation: Plagiarism occurs when you use the writing of others, whether intentionally or accidentally. Always citing your sources properly will help you avoid this pitfall.

Remedy: Be sure to always cite your sources, in text AND in your reference list at the end of the paper. If you are going to use a direct quote, make sure that you attribute this quote to the proper author IN the text!

Spelling errors/Typos

Explanation: Spelling errors, just like grammar, can bring a good grade to a bad grade.

Remedy: More important than using your computer’s spell checker is to proof read. Have your friends proof read. Have your dog proof read. Make sure it’s all good!

Lack of transitional phrases

Explanation: When you begin a new paragraph, the transitional phrase is what guides the reader from the old into the new.

Remedy: Read each paragraph independently of each other. If they make sense alone, you should probably be ok. If not, add a brief but detailed introductory sentence to the paragraphs you find lacking.

Lack of structure

Explanation: Research papers need structure. The rules of an introduction, body, conclusion come into play here, as well as content! Don’t just fill your paper with fluff.

Remedy: Create an outline for your essay and follow it to a T!

No Conclusion

Explanation: People sometimes stop writing an essay before it ends. You should always have a summary and discussion!

Remedy: This is pretty simple. You don’t need new ideas, just discuss and touch on each of your ideas or theories here, and state your findings and what you have learned.

Learn About Getting A Clinical Psychology Degree Online


If you want to earn your clinical psychology degree online, you need to be even more focused. You need to work towards finding reputable programs and accredited degree courses that will help you to get the education for the betterment of your career.

Some online programs are less than credible, and have been notoriously labeled as degree mills. These are typically not the type of online degree programs that you want to pursue if you are looking for a professional degree and career. You will want to work with top-rate schools and online programs that have proven to offer successful results for students who attend their courses.

Getting a clinical psychology degree online is a great way to further your education and achieve your career goals, even when you don’t have the time or means to get a typical college education. Today, of course, there is nothing typical about taking physical classes. More and more people choose the online course program route to achieve their career goals. If you are following this educational path, you need to be sure that you are working with reputable schools and accredited online programs so that your degree is as useful as you need it to be for your future career goals.

Read On For More On Clinical Psychology Degree Online:
Going back to school isn’t easy. While many people think that online courses are the ‘easy’ road, they aren’t as simple as you might think. Online programs do offer convenience and affordable education options for people, but the courses are usually self-study programs, which is a lot harder than sitting in a classroom and taking notes. You have to be dedicated and committed to your education in order to get your clinical psychology degree online. With the right dedication and an accredited school program, you should have no trouble getting the education that you need.

If you look at a program and their resources don’t seem legitimate, or if you’ve never heard of the school, you will need to check them out thoroughly before signing up for their clinical psychology degree online program. Make sure that the school is accredited by the state that you live in and check the transferability of your credits in case you need that option later. Try to stick with programs and colleges that are well-known within the industry because they will always have the best programs available to online students. However, as long as you find a reputable program that offers the degree that you need, the choice is ultimately going to be yours to make.